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  • To Rent or Purchase? Eight Times a Forklift Rental Makes Sense
    When it comes to finding the right equipment for your company’s needs, it’s important to understand and weigh all the options from your material handling solutions provider. Sometimes a permanent solution is not always the answer to a temporary circumstance. With the right provider, you can have access to a variety of different rental equipment to suit your needs – short or long term.
  • Vitan Equipment Holding Company, Material Handling Group USA, Begins Partnership with Matthai Material Handling
    Vitan Equipment, a material handling equipment and solutions provider headquartered in Michigan, announces today their holding company, Material Handling Group USA (MH Group USA) has partnered with Matthai Material Handling as a new dealer/location on the East Coast.
  • Vitan Equipment expands with acquisition of Liftec, Inc.
    Vitan Equipment, a material handling equipment and solutions provider in Grand Rapids, Mich., announces today they have expanded to the East Coast with a recent acquisition of Liftec, Inc. as a new dealer/location on the East Coast. Liftec is a proud dealer for Linde Material Handling, Baoli, Doosan and UniCarriers.
  • 3 Reasons Why You Need Dock and Door Planned Maintenance
    Our team of dock and door experts can make sure your loading dock areas are working at optimum functionality, so you rarely experience downtime and your operations never stop. The key to this is having a partner that conducts a thorough planned maintenance program.
  • Forklift Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents
    Using common sense in a warehouse with heavy machinery and heavy equipment around is a good first step toward being safe, however, a lot of forklift safety best practices may not come naturally. To help keep you prepared, we have compiled all of our best tips here so you can stay safe in the workplace.
  • How to Know It’s Time for New Forklift Tires
    Unlike traditional vehicle tires, forklift tires double as the suspension system. With no additional shock absorbers or coil springs, the tires alone are responsible for cushioning the operator, the load, and the truck itself. Worn out or improperly maintained tires can damage the axles, become a safety hazard, and even scratch docks and warehouse floors. Forklift tires are critical to forklift performance and safety. If it’s been a while since your tires were last inspected, use this guide to help you know what problems to look for.
  • To Repair or Replace? Four Signs You May Need a New Forklift
    How long should you keep repairing your older forklifts? When is it time to retire your truck and invest in a replacement? The average forklift lifespan is 10,000 operating hours, or five to seven years, depending on the brand, amount of use and many other factors. Here are four common signs that your forklift may need to be replaced.
  • Why Converting Your Fleet to Electric Makes Sense: Rebates and Incentives
    Because switching to electric motors requires an initial investment in equipment, energy providers and some government agencies have set up programs to assist. Read on to learn more about rebates and financing programs that are available to help offset some of the costs of purchasing energy efficient equipment.
  • Why Converting Your Fleet to Electric Makes Sense: Advantages of Electric Forklifts
    The global focus on converting from internal combustion engines to electric ones isn’t just limited to personal automobiles. Electric motors of all sorts have become popular in industry because of their reliability, clean emissions, and low maintenance profile.
  • Why Convert to Electric Forklifts? Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    You may think converting to electric forklifts means an increase in cost, but that's actually not the case long term. One of the most compelling selling point of electric vehicles is lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • KION North America Expands Territory with Dealer Partner Vitan Equipment a Division of Fraza Inc.
    KION North America is pleased to announce its decision to expand territory with Vitan Equipment, a division of Fraza Inc., into western Michigan. In addition to this expansion, Vitan Equipment has opened a new dealer location in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to help support this new territory.
  • Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Equipment Running In Extreme Cold
    The coldest days of winter have arrived. And even though industrial equipment seems like it can handle just about anything, it’s not indestructible. It won't operate well if it’s not prepared for the frigid, sub-zero temperatures Michigan likes to throw our way.
  • How We Are Operating during the COVID-19 Crisis
    At Fraza/Vitan Equipment, the health and safety of our employees, their families, and our customers / vendors is a top priority. Due to the rapidly-evolving situation with COVID-19, we are taking proactive steps to ensure we keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Fraza Announces New Branch: Vitan Equipment; Will Now Offer Material Handling Services Expanded Across Michigan
    This expansion is part of Fraza’s geographic growth and continued effort to be the best service organization in the industry. Vitan’s slogan — Value. Reimagined. — emphasizes the company’s dedication to explore new ways to add value for its customers through efficiency and innovation. The company will focus on incorporating new technologies, including a fleet analyzer system that provides real-time data to prevent damages and extend the lifespan of customers’ equipment.