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To Rent or Purchase? Eight Times a Forklift Rental Makes Sense

When it comes to finding the right equipment for your company’s needs, it’s important to understand and weigh all the options from your material handling solutions provider. Sometimes a permanent solution is not always the answer to a temporary circumstance. With the right provider, you can have access to a variety of different rental equipment to suit your needs – short or long term.

Here are eight common situations when a forklift rental makes the most sense for your business:

1. You need equipment on short notice

You suddenly have increased demand on a short notice. It’s great when business is booming! You don’t want to experience downtime, though, so you might need forklifts on short notice and without time to shop.

Regardless of what product you’re moving, Vitan Equipment has the equipment you need to keep your operations going, even during unexpected busy times.

2. You’re entering your peak season

You have an anticipated peak season. You might have a spike in demand during a specific period that requires more forklifts but can’t justify a new purchase or lease in the budget while out of peak season. You also may want to minimize surplus and idle-time during off-seasons.

3. You need to conserve capital by going with a rental option

You may want to conserve capital. When you rent, there are no expensive upfront acquisition costs in the form of interest-bearing loans. A Rental Purchase Option (RPO) is a standard method to purchase a rental you found to be well-suited to your application.

4. You need something more modern

If you have older equipment in need of repairs and causing downtime, forklift rentals can help you keep your operations moving. It will also provide you with an opportunity to try out newer models of equipment and up-to-date technology.

5. You have a fixed budget and need an affordable solution

You have a fixed budget. Unexpected maintenance costs can make a huge impact on your budget. When you rent with Vitan Equipment, all maintenance costs are covered by the dealership, excluding avoidable damages.

6. You want to test it out before you buy it

You want to try it before you buy it. If you are considering adding to your fleet, renting will help you find out which model will best support your needs.

7. You want to gain more experience with a solutions provider before you purchase

You want to evaluate the material handling solutions partner. One of the essential parts of success in your operations is having the right partners you can trust. Introducing a rental term is a great way to test the waters of a potential long-term relationship.

8. You received a shipment of unusual loads

Sometimes, you may need to handle unusual loads for a short time. There are oddly-shaped loads and massive capacity needs that seldom come around. Renting a specialized forklift can help.

Find the Right Equipment or Forklift Rental at Vitan Equipment

Our team of experts are happy to offer 24/7 service response capability, batteries and chargers, including maintenance, and a consultation to ensure you receive the proper equipment for your application. At Vitan Equipment, we offer a range of 3,000 lb. – 60,000 lb. capacity forklifts (propane, diesel, gas and electric), scissor lifts, boom lifts, sweepers and scrubbers, and personnel and burden carriers to customers across Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with Vitan Equipment for a forklift rental, contact us today to speak to one of our material handling experts at our Michigan or New Jersey branches.