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Vitan Equipment Provides Fleet Management Services

Keeping track of service and maintenance on your equipment fleet is a full-time job. Vitan has the team and the tools to help manage all of your equipment, whether it’s a fleet of forklifts, warehouse loading docks and doors, floor cleaning machines, over-the-road trucks, or other material handling equipment and vehicles. Our fleet management services include a Planned Maintenance (PM) program; Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) program; access to our online data analysis tool, Fleet Analyzer; and for select customers, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

Planned Maintenance (PM) Saves You Time and Money

Our Planned Maintenance program puts your fleet – whether it’s forklifts, floor cleaning equipment, over-the-road vehicles, or loading docks and doors – on a regular maintenance schedule so that your equipment remains in the best working condition. We will recommend appropriate maintenance intervals based on type of equipment, usage, and other factors specific to your operations. Our technicians are trained to catch minor issues that later may become a larger, more expensive repair job.

Planned Maintenance inspections include:

  • Comprehensive multi-point inspections
  • A detailed, itemized issue report that is color-coded according to priority on every service
  • Identified methods and suggestions to minimize wear and tear throughout your work
  • A satisfaction guarantee

All Planned Maintenance Customers Receive Access to Fleet Analyzer

Our online fleet analysis tool, Fleet Analyzer, is available at no extra charge to customers who subscribe to our Planned Maintenance program. With this fleet management system, you can track the maintenance records of all of your material handling equipment in one convenient location. When you are ready to get started, let us know by contacting your Vitan representative. Current users can log in here.

Up-To-Date and Accurate Reporting Systems

Fleet Analyzer is a powerful reporting tool that you can personalize to your business. Keep an eye on spending and the performance of your equipment all in one place. You can easily download reports and share them with colleagues, instead of digging through stacks of paperwork. The following reports are available to download:

  • Service history
  • Expense ratio
  • Types of repairs
  • Spend analyzer
  • Lifecycle information

Make the Most of Fleet Analyzer

With Fleet Analyzer, you have the power to analyze your fleet from a high level, or to drill down and get more granular. You can use the application on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Since it’s an online tool, you have access from anywhere, at any time. The type of information you can gather allows you to:

  • Determine when operating costs will exceed replacement costs
  • Rotate equipment when needed to maximize the life of your fleet
  • Identify operator abuse to suggest further training
  • Discover costs of equipment downtime and storage

Quarterly Business Reviews – A Comprehensive View of Your Fleet

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), available to our largest customers, contain the most comprehensive reports on your fleet. The presentation includes everything that has happened with your equipment. Reports are available on Planned Maintenance, repairs, counter parts, rentals, avoidable repairs, and repairs performed in our shop. We’ll show you how to make cost-saving decisions based on the data we see. Furthermore, on a yearly basis, we’ll talk you and your team through an even more thorough review and work together to plan for the future of your fleet.

Get in touch with a Vitan representative today, so we can find the perfect way to implement a planned maintenance program and Fleet Analyzer in your operations.