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Warehouse Equipment Products and Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitan Equipment’s Services

As our team works with customers, we get many questions regarding our business and what material handling services and products we can offer. We have answered several of our most frequently asked questions to give you a better understanding of what to expect when you partner with us. For more details, visit our products and services pages or check out our blog.

  1. Locations and Hours
  2. Does Vitan Equipment service all types of material handling equipment?
  3. What kind of equipment can I rent from Vitan Equipment?
  4. Does Vitan Equipment sell forklift parts?
  5. Which material handling products do I need?
  6. What brands of equipment does Vitan Equipment sell?
  7. Does Vitan Equipment have a shop to work on equipment?
  8. Does Vitan Equipment offer training and how much does it cost?
  9. How often do I need to service my forklifts?
  10. Where can I fill out a customer satisfaction survey?
  11. Is Vitan Equipment hiring?

Locations and Hours

Vitan Equipment has locations in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

View our branch location and contact information on our location page.

Our branches are open Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. with some emergency services available. We are closed on major holidays.

Does Vitan Equipment service all types of material handling equipment?

Vitan Equipment is a full-service material handling team with decades of experience working on all types of equipment. Our service offerings include:

Planned Maintenance Programs

A customized planned maintenance (PM) program is designed to prevent wear and tear, minimize downtime, and keep your fleet up and running. Our PM program includes a comprehensive multi-point inspection to determine signs of damage or wear, a detailed, itemized issue report, and tips to prevent damage to your equipment during day-to-day operations.

Total Maintenance & Repair (TM&R) Services

When you own a fleet of forklifts, repairs and maintenance can get costly as the equipment ages. With our TM&R program, we customize your contract based on your fleet and the average operating hours of your trucks. You pay one flat maintenance fee per truck each month to cover all normal maintenance and repair for the life of the contract.

Truck and Trailer Repair Service*

Our truck and trailer over-the-road service focuses on a variety of vehicles, including delivery vehicles, box trucks, semis, electric vehicles, diesel engine trucks and alternative energy vehicles. You can also depend on us for planned maintenance and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections wherever you are. In addition, we use the latest electronic communications and diagnostic equipment to, so you get quick and efficient repairs whenever you need them.

*Truck and trailer service varies depending on branch location.

Fleet Management Services

If you are a customer taking advantage of our planned maintenance program, you also get exclusive access to Fleet Analyzer, our online fleet management system. Fleet Track provides a detailed look at your material handling equipment usage, which allows you to make more educated assessments about your equipment and their cost of ownership. Fleet Analyzer also provides a spend analyzer, unit expenses, service invoices and an analysis of your fleet’s planned maintenance.

Log in to Fleet Analyzer here.

Dock and Door Services

We specialize in servicing dock levelers, shelters/seals, high-performance doors, vehicle restraints, and sectional and rolling steel doors, but when it comes to your dock and door equipment repairs – you name it, and we’ll fix it.

Energy Solutions

As part of our commitment to be the best service organization, period, we’ve built our own in-house motive power division to handle all your power needs. Purchase new or used batteries and chargers; or for a shorter-term solution, we offer leasing and rental programs, as well. Our skilled technicians can service your batteries and chargers at your location or in our shop, depending on what’s needed.

What kind of equipment can I rent from Vitan Equipment?

Vitan Equipment has a robust inventory of rental equipment, and we are ready to support our customers at a moment’s notice. We offer our customers short-term and long-term rental solutions to cover their project needs with equipment ranging from forklifts to sweepers and scrubbers, and more.

Does Vitan Equipment sell forklift parts?

Vitan Equipment sells a variety of material handling equipment parts, and if the part you need isn’t in stock, we can get it quickly, even for forklift brands we don’t sell. Our non-stock parts are delivered quickly and our premium service includes overnight delivery.

Which material handling products do I need?

Vitan Equipment starts any equipment rental or sale with a consultation, during which we discuss your business and operations to figure out the equipment solution for your specific needs. We offer a wide range of material handling products:

What brands of equipment does Vitan Equipment sell?

We are a premium material handling dealership for internal combustion (IC) and electric products from manufacturers such as Linde Material Handling, Doosan, CLARK and more. We carry Cushman utility vehicles, Advance floor cleaning products, JLG aerial lifts and Triathlon batteries. Our used equipment inventory is comprised of a variety of manufacturers.

Does Vitan Equipment have a shop to work on equipment?

Our shops located in Grand Rapids, MI; South Plainfield, NJ; Baltimore, MD; and Lancaster, PA are fully equipped to handle equipment repairs, complete with highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art tools and technology. We run diagnostics on trucks and keep them running with necessary maintenance, and we can provide you with rental vehicles while working on your equipment.

Does Vitan Equipment offer training and how much does it cost?

Yes, employers are legally required to ensure their industrial forklift truck operators receive both hands-on and formal classroom training by a qualified instructor prior to operating a forklift on the job. Our qualified instructors keep forklift and aerial lift skills fresh and keep operators safe with effective training programs. Price and class availability varies depending on type of training and number of attendees, visit our operator training page to inquire about training.

How often do I need to service my forklifts?

Regular maintenance is one of the most important ways to enhance the lifespan of your equipment and prevent damage from neglected wear and tear. We may recommend a planned maintenance schedule based on various factors, including your application and how often you run shifts.

To contact us to set up a time to discuss your needs, visit our contact page.

Where can I fill out a customer satisfaction survey?

At Vitan Equipment, it’s our goal to be the best service organization, period. After receiving a service or product from us, you may be contacted by our team to share your feedback.

Is Vitan Equipment hiring?

We’re always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our team. If you’d like to start a career at Vitan Equipment, take a look at our job openings.

Vitan Equipment is Ready to Serve Your Material Handling Needs

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